Mont Blanc Foods started in 2012 as an export organization for the German family company Weissenhorner.

Weisenhorner makes delicious organic dairy products, ranging from cream cheese with garden herbs to a beautiful panna cotta. (see also

After we entered the Dutch (organic) market with Weissenhorner, we went looking for an expansion of our range.

Since 2013 we also bring our own line of (organic) fruit spreads to the market that perfectly combine with cheese and we now have a large assortment with delicious products for specialty stores and organic shops.

In addition to Marqt, Ekoplaza and Organic Food For You, we now also supply these to more and more (cheese) specialty stores.

With our unique approach (high quality and service, free delivery, delivery to just one customer per village or district and support with tastings), we now have a rapidly growing number of satisfied customers.

On the page “products” you can see what we have to offer our (potential) customers and we have also created a special page “for producers” where we tell what we have to offer producers of high-quality products.