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The name

Mont Blanc Foods is named after the famous mountain, the Mont Blanc, which is often called “The Top of Europe”. It is our aim to source products which are “The Top of Europe” and export these around the world. On top of that, the Mont Blanc is situated between Italy and France, two countries with a specific love for and a long history in great food, something we share at Mont Blanc Foods.


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Latest news

We are proud to present you ; The best fig spread in the world ! This delicious organic fig spread tastes so great because it consists for 82% of figs. Most other fig spreads do not even reach 50%. Our fig spread is great with any matured or extra matured cheese and tastes incredible with a slice of brie and a piece of walnut. Packed in this stylish glass and supported with sampling activity and creative marketing we would like to introduce this unique new product to everybody!

MontBlanc-KeeperMontBlanc-vijg-sinaasappelMont Blanc spread

Now also available in 30 gram jars, full of organic fig spread or organic apricot spread. Ideal for restaurants, on a cheese board or as a gift.